Natural Material Studio

Design & research by Bonnie Hvillum

Natural Material Studio is a Copenhagen based materials research and design company. We explore the possibilities in discarded raw bi-products by using them in new contexts and combinations.


Our approach to design is material-led whereby we investigate the quality and potential of the specific material as a starting point. This means it is the material that drives the design ideas, and by treating them in different ways we create novel expressions, surfaces and textures. We believe that by working this way results in more sustainable and natural design solutions.

The studio is led by Bonnie Hvillum who is a multi disciplinary artist and designer. She holds a masters degree in Interactive Design from Aarhus University, Denmark, and has since worked as a creative process consultant for several organisations. Her passion for materials stems from many years experimenting in the kitchen and restaurant industry. By developing recipes and understanding the importance of presentation she has built a strong biological knowledge around processing, fermenting, and activating ingredients.


In summer 2018 she decided to establish her own research and design studio to materialise what she has always worked towards: Functional, optimized and sustainable solutions for our future. As she explains:


“Using up what we have has always been a big part of me. I don’t know if it stems from an upbringing with not that many resources available, but I’ve always liked the challenging part of trying to figure out new usages in completely new contexts for things. I see it as a playful, childish, quite naïve but also very visionary approach to everything around me, which has become an important motivator for my work in the studio. Simply to see the potential in the overseen.”

Natural Material Studio

By Bonnie Hvillum


Exploring the future of overseen matter



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Østbanegade 41, basement

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