Natural Material Studio is a fluid practice that aims to expand our material conception and perception through artistic design and spatial installations. Works, exhibitions and concepts are based on phenomenological, speculative themes about sustainability, nature and future.

The studio is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and founded by Bonnie Hvillum.

“I am educated to design interactive user experiences, but the playful game of using up what I have with sustainability in mind has always been a great part of me. Establishing my studio on these to pilars – immersive interactions based on residue, let me to Natural Material Studio. I see my working approach very childish, with a naive beginners mind, but also very visionary constantly exploring the potential in the overseen to create highly sensory experiences.”

Through years of immersive material and interaction research the practice has achieved to develop and design a range of experimental though functional, bio-based materials. These we use in our own work as well as in collaborations and commissions. We work cross-disciplinary, systemically and research orientated with an involvement from different fields to expand our knowledge and thereby to continue to contribute with new works that explore materials, design, art and space.

Our work is material-led, meaning the design journey is centered around the properties and qualities of the explored matter. We let the material and its narrative drive the design process.

Previous/ ongoing clients & commissions include Design Museum Denmark, Snøhetta, Adidas, Restaurant Noma, Dinesen, Frama, Monies, House of Grey and further.