The Studio is founded and run by material & interaction designer Bonnie Hvillum:


“I am educated to design interactive user experiences, but the playful game of using up what I have with sustainability in mind has always been a great part of me. Establishing my studio on these to pilars – immersive interactions based on residue, let me to Natural Material Studio. I see my working approach very childish, with a naive beginners mind, but also very visionary constantly exploring the potential in the overseen to create highly sensory experiences.”


Please book a personal meeting with our founder & CEO Bonnie Hvillum to learn more – or explore our range of natural materials available here.

We want to create a future that is fully centred around the circular design principles - reuse, recycle, renew & rethink. That is why we are called the Natural Material Studio, as materials are the building blocks in all designs in the world – from packaging to architecture.

We have already learned, that planet Earth is round.

Now we must start to design for natural and circular systems.

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