Rituals in Discard 

From a temporary decoration to a permenant installation

Material Research

by Bonnie Hvillum

Copenhagen 2018

Photos: Natural Material Studio

We are already well familiar with pine wood but the on the trees are needles are often an overseen raw matter. Which is quite a shame as a pine tree consists of up to 35% needles. 


Using this research as a starting motivation I began to explore the material potentials of discarded christmas trees after the festive season from my local area in Copenhagen. 

The christmas tree industry has a loss of 30% of the total harvest every year, as these trees do not live up to standards. With Denmark being one of the biggest producers and exporters of christmas trees in Europe with a yearly sale of 11 millions trees, we are still left with approx 4,7 millions trees mainly burned or discarded to give space for new seeds on the field.

Developing a new material from pine needles taps into the leftovers from the industry while introducing a novel material to the market. It turnes something, that was thought of as a temporary decoration, into a permenant installation.

The project Rituals in Discard illustrates the experimental process and research of the material design with pine needles. It aims to investigate the aesthical narrative as well as functional aspects of the fibre and raw matter.