Pine Needle Leather

Pine Needle Leather

Pine tree needles are until now an unused natural source of fibre, with potential qualities in availability, technical properties and aesthetical narrative.

This ongoing research with pine needles has turned into a flexible, leather like material. Working with a natural and compostable binder and additatives, this biotechnical composite is degradable and re-castable.

The materials can be worked with like leather and can be casted in costum defined sizes and thicknesses. Furthermore, it can be sanded and treated like wood. This kind of bio material fusions two traditional handcrafting fields and opens up a completely new category within textiles and upholstery.

These four kinds represent a first prototype collection. The warm green is the original expression using dryed needles and branches. The brown version is a result of only working with branches and bark. The dark brown is heat treated needles, giving it a classic and elegant look. And the blue-white marbled shows the exploration into colour dying with natural pigments.

Behind the materials lies a self-designed production process regarding treatment of raw needles, material making, casting as well as drying process for the final leather pieces.

Please don't hesitate getting in touch regarding collaborations and usages of this material.

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