The Materiality of Well-Being

The Materiality of Well-Being

I have researched and designed different materials made from pine tree needles. Pine tree needles are until now an unused natural source of fibre, with potential qualities in availability, technical properties and aesthetical narrative.

Founding my research upon a user centered design approach, and bringing in early feedback, I discovered that the material holds a strong sensory effect that connects the experiencer to nature.

With this knowledge in mind, I have together with spatial designer Rebecca Norberg and biodesigner Paula Nerlich, developed an interactive installation called The Materiality of Well-Being. Here we investigate how the material can work as the medium for a grounding, peaceful experience, bringing us back to nature and its documented positive effects on mind and body.

The aim has been to design small objects made by leftover pine tree needles that can recreate the sense of being in a forest – an environment which has been scientifically proven to be stress relieving – and through this experience, generate related health benefits.

The objects work together as an interactive installation focused on the senses. Each object can be actively explored and/or appreciated aesthetically. Inspired by organic shapes, the pieces support the thesis that curved lines and contours have a positive impact on humans. The objects intend to take you through a process of grounding and reconnection with your body and surroundings through their immerse tactility and narrative.

Photos and video by
Studio Rebecca Norberg

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