NATURAL MATERIAL STUDIO   exploring the future of unseen matter

Natural Material Studio is a sustainable materials research and design studio that turns waste into value. 


We supply designers and brands with bespoke natural materials, as well as offering material research, consultancy & design for companies around the world. We collaborate multi-disciplinary with scientists, experts & craftsmen from various fields to reach an uncompromising quality.

Our work is material-led meaning the design journey is centered around the properties and qualities of the explored matter. We let the material and its narrative drive the design process.

By exploring the limitations and opportunities novel expressions, surfaces and textures are created. It is believed that when we design from what we have of ressources available, we create more sustainable and circular solutions.

Since the launch in 2018 the studio has worked with and for several international well-known companies such as Leeds University, Restaurant Noma, Emperical Spirits as well as smaller fashion labels such as Canadian Moskal Designs.

For all works shines through a universal aim – to explore the possible future of discarded or overseen matter by using them in new contexts and combinations.


You can find all our developed natural materials available here, as well as explore the projects and researches we have been part of. For a deeper understanding of the studio and how we work, please have a look at the About section, or book a meeting with us to see how we can help you.