Natural Material Studio x Moskal Design  

Material research, concept, design & supply

for Moskal Design (CAN/UK)

AW20 catwalk collection 'PITBROW'

London - Copenhagen, 2019-2020

Photos: NMS/Moskal

In 2019, a collaboration with the Canadian-British based designer Stephanie Moscall-Varey came to fruition. The joint goal was to create an eco textile adaptable for the fashion industry that is durable, fully biodegradable and desirable.

Active charcoal is able to adsorb CO2 particles due to its empty carbon molecules. This makes it beneficial for the environment to captivate in materials. The material is biodegradable and based only on natural elements. It has a soft, inviting feel yet strong and flexible as a garment.

The charcoal composite is in the early stages of development with hopes to further improve the performance of the textile’s specifications. The charcoal composite from a far has the visual texture of vegan leather, when you look closely you can see craters and air pocket in the surface of the fabric.

This collaboration is a personal statement for studio founder, Bonnie Hvillum, and Stephanie Moscall-Varey in regard to the destructive nature of the fashion industry. It is a larger comment that beauty and luxury can be achieved in holistic and natural way without sacrificing aesthetic. The product itself has a narrative of its own, a beautiful story of clothing life, decay and regeneration. The product gives us hope that sustainable and ethical solutions are possible. Together the Natural Material Studio and Moskal will continue to research and improve the charcoal fabric, actively educating consumers and establishing further products to revolutionize the fashion industry.