Natural Material Studio for Calvin Klein  

Design & production

for the Calvin Klein store in Copenhagen, Denmark

Christmas, 2022

Photos: Peter Vinther

Design, research and consultancy practice Natural Material Studio will unveil their first reusable gift wrapping concept as part of a larger spatial experience produced for the Calvin Klein Store in Copenhagen. Crafted from bio textiles specially handmade for the occasion, a visually delicate yet highly durable pouch provides a unique gift-wrapping experience, whilst being reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. Available from December 15th, 2022, the experience centres around a layered gift-wrapping counter that accentuates the materials unique qualities, whilst bringing focus to the ritual of wrapping, gift giving and Natural Material Studio's bespoke gift pouch.

“The hope is that our bespoke gift pouch will instigate new conversations around the Christmas table this year; ones centred on how biomaterials can help to reduce over-consumption and promote environmental responsibility,” says Bonnie Hvillum, founder of Natural Material Studio.

Custom crafted material The design of the gift pouch allows the custom crafted material to remain the hero – four simple steel pins and binding ribbon provide a sheet of biomaterial the ability to encase and hold a selection of Calvin Klein's premium products. The handcrafted biomaterial is based on the studio’s technique and process called Procel, formulated through a mix of protein bio polymer, natural softener and natural pigments, resulting in a texturally rich and visually intriguing surface. Earthy and light in tone, each sheet was cast by hand with unique swirls and bubbles appearing like the movement of nature caught in time. Deciding to focus on a reusable gift pouch rather than traditional wrapping material, Natural Material Studio aims to raise concerns about current single use culture, which is elevated during the busy Christmas period.

Central to the installation designed by Natural Material Studio is a wrapping counter that further promotes the unique qualities of their crafted material, creating an immersive and poetic centrepiece with the opportunity for the public to touch and feel their bespoke Procel material. Entirely clad in sheets of bio material, the soft tones and smooth surfaces encourage consumers to slow down and connect with the material and the ritualistic act of gift-wrapping. Set within Denmark’s largest shopping centre Field’s in the busy Christmas period, Natural Material Studio has provided Calvin Klein with a moment of tranquillity for their customers to connect – both with their premium products, as well as the emergence of new materials that are helping bring nature closer to our daily lives.