By Natural Material Studio 

Exhibitied at Ukurant, 3 days of design

Copenhagen, 2020

Photos: Peter Vinther

FOAME is a materialistic research on the chair as a formal object, structure, symbol and interaction. The sculptural piece was exhibited at the group show UKURANT during 3 days of design, the annual design week of Copenhagen, in September 2020.

The starting point for the exploration is a self-developed foam composite based on charcoal and natural binder, which contrasts a shiny black appearance with a certain comport in the soft, tactile and inviting foam. From here, a playful, material-led form emerged. Bonnie Hvillum, founder and responsible designer of Natural Material Studio, explains:

“I was engaged how the chair can be made informal in its structure, how its history and symbolism can be reinterpreted, and how the foam as a material can contribute to a rewriting of a product, that we all know. With FOAME I am curious in exploring the interaction between human, material and form, and how materials can influence our perception and acceptance of objects.”

The sculptural piece was hand sculpted with the foam composite, acting like a thick meringue, but when dry, sets like a soft, bouncy foam material, alike PU foam. The material is composed of a biodegradable bio-polymer, natural softener and a raising technology, encapsulating air into the foam.

The research and design sets to explore how we with new design materials can start changing our design history for the better, and with these new materials, show new production methods, relations to objects and how design can be an important front mover for the green change.