Material development

Copenhagen, 2020 - ongoing

'Alger' is an ongoing material research, where we explore the potential of seaweed and algeas as a potential future bio textile. The research is funded by the Danish Art Foundation, Statens Kunstfond, as well as the National Bank Foundation, Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond.

'Alger' is a biodegradable and natural fabric material based on seaweed extract and softener. We explore many different ways of dying and colouring the fabric, for example with dried, destilled and powdered Spirulina algae. King crab shells, carragean seaweed and blue extractions from algeas are also used to change the look, feel and performance of the material. 

Lately, we used the material in our material installation with FRAMA, both as a curtain fabric, but also as a garment fabric for clothing showpieces. More info on this collaboration can be found here.

'Alger' is born out of a previous research project that looked into replacement of single use and short-term plastic packaging with better bio solutions. The project was framed around a chain of experiments with a selection of raw matter to understand their potential as new natural materials. This was carried out by hand using traditional manual techniques such as drying, grinding, boiling, sanding and so on.

Through sharing the work, the research results alone became speculative objects, which started interesting discussions around people’s perception of waste, materials and resources. The research project was hereby named 'Speculative Matter'.