Handcrafted biotextile process & production technique

Copenhagen, 2021 - ongoing

PROCEL is a bio-textile made of ingredients and pigments that are gained directly from nature. It is handcrafted and developed in Copenhagen by Natural Material Studio. It is a living material - texture, color and shape are reactive to the material’s environment and change with temperature, humidity and time.


  • Don’t wash.
  • Don’t bring it out in heavy rain Softly wipe with damp cloth when necessary

       PROCEL withstands drops, however, to ensure longevity we recommend avoiding any             contact with water

  • For storage, lay out flat without folding
  • PROCEL is a fine, crafted material, please handle with awareness and care


  • The material can be reused for multiple storage purposes
  • PROCEL is circular and re-castable. By adding water and heat the pouch can be transformed into other forms
  • Lastly, PROCEL can be composted in your bio waste and will naturally degrade within 1-3 months. The non-biodegradable components should be removed before composting.


Protein based biopolymer, natural softener & pigments