Material development

Copenhagen, 2019 - ongoing

B-Foam is our newest development within our foam research. It is a soft and durable foam material that is based on a protein derived bio-polymer and natural softner. We use a raising technology that perforate micro level air-pockets into the material. The material can be controlled in its softness for a stiffer and more steady foam.

B-Foam is 100% biodegradable, and can be used for padding in interior, shoes, appeal, accessories and further.

The B-foam consists of a foaming technology with a protein based bio-polymer, all developed by the studio. To create a washable and durable surface, the studio incoorporate beeswax into the foam which creates an outer barrier on the foam. This makes it possible to expose and use the foam both as a padding and lining at the same time. It is also possible to incorporate natural pigments for other colour variations. The foam biodegrades within 3 months when exposed to soil, compost or heat and water in combination. The latter makes it possible to reuse and recast the material, and thereby create a closed loop systems.

For different applications with the material, see the design projects: NMS x Moskal, NMS x FRAMA and OFFSET.